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Jibe Corporate Information Sharing

As much as 85 percent of corporate information resides on individual employees' desktops and never makes it to a central intranet server, according to Greg Schmitzer, CEO of Jibe. Employees of one company were found to spend between four and eight hours per week just searching for information they need to do their jobs. Even when they are doing their jobs, they might be spinning their wheels. Industry analyst IDC estimates that 60 percent of employees spend an hour a day redoing work that others in the company have already done.


With statistics like these, it's a wonder anyone gets anything done. "We bring control to the chaos" of internal enterprise information management, said Schmitzer. "We enable people to share information directly with one another in a very secure and controlled environment."


There's more on Jibe in Part 2 of CTOMentor's peer-to-peer white paper: Peer-to-Peer Computing and Business Networks: More Than Meets the Ear, Part 2 How Are Businesses Using P2P? Part 2 is available at MindCrossing for a fee of $50. Part 1 - What is P2P? is available for free at CTOMentor.

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