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Pandango – Sharpening Searches

Pandango, a project currently in stealth mode at intellectual property developer i5 Digital, aims to be a distributed search engine, much like InfraSearch, the startup recently acquired by Sun. Pandango (Hawaiian for “wedding money dance”) plans a different approach to the problem of sifting the valuable needles from the digital haystack of the Web. Unlike most search engines, which use traditional academic citation analysis (the more sites that link to a page, the higher the relevance), Pandango will determine relevance by examining a radiating network of “referrers.”


There's more on Pandango in Part 2 of CTOMentor's peer-to-peer white paper: Peer-to-Peer Computing and Business Networks: More Than Meets the Ear, Part 2 – How Are Businesses Using P2P? Part 2 is available at MindCrossing for a fee of $50. Part 1 - What is P2P? is available for free at CTOMentor.

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