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The News -- 10/25/00

eBusiness Growing Pains Spell Opportunity for Innovative Services Firms

from IDC
IDC predicts that the current $115 Billion eSolutions Business Will Skyrocket to $430 Billion by 2004.  The company predicts that companies will turn from their current, essentially reactive mode, to a more strategically focused mode that identifies new opportunities for revenue.  Thus, they will need more outsourcing services. However, IT services companies who do not evolve their offerings are in for trouble.  “IT service organizations must recognize that the services they offer today will face increased margin pressures as a growing number of service organizations offer the same services. . . Today, more than ever, businesses buy from service providers that can provide answers to the fundamental question of ‘What IT investments do I need to make to maximize business value?’”  IDC identified CRM and Logistics as two business services that will be much in demand.


Cisco Integrates Web-Based Product Ordering Tool With Ariba Buyer Application

Will somebody please tell me what’s up with Cisco?  Here’s a hardcore network hardware provider who has a small business applications center, CRM, chat, and other software holdings, and who’s buying more like they’re going out of style.  Now they’ve got a Web purchasing front end and an alliance with Ariba.  I realize all this stuff drives demand for more networking, but what’s their strategy.  I haven’t figured is out yet.  If you have, email

BTW, just try to find the press release on Cisco’s site.  I dare you.


B2B Roofing Network Selects Clarus

OK, I admit it. I asked myself, “B2B roofing?  What’s next? B2B Hammer and Nail Exchange?”  But I really love their motto: "Consolidating the industry under one roof."  That’s certainly better than, “Who let the dogs out? Roof, roof, roof roof.”

Anyway, Clarus is a B2B enabler that doesn’t get the press of the Ariba’s and Commerce One’s of the world, but who has some nice solutions and some decent clients.


 B2B Roofing Network


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