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Less Interesting Stuff I Said

In the WeLL's Spring conference:

(1:10) Mike Ellsworth (mellswor) 25-JUL-94 12:33
I'm Mike Ellsworth, (, and
I'm just checking the place out. Saw some mention of the Spring and Spam
in a conference on the WELL. What's that all about?

I surf the net as part of my job and soon hope to help develop a
commercial service based on Mosaic. I'm interested in interactive
fiction, virtual reality (virtual ANYthing), multimedia, the standard stuff.

So what's the scam here?

On the Crimelist:

Info on a mail hoax.

In Upsize Magazine:

In an article on online training: “Not all online learning is geared towards IT or earning a certificate,” says Ellsworth. “In some cases it becomes a way to reinforce the strategic message of the company, or develop corporate culture because it brings a certain department, such as marketing, or HR, or sales, together on the same project.”

In Reside's Newsletter:

In an article I wrote called Why Your Company Needs a Professional Wireless Network: "If you have an organization of any size, I can pretty much guarantee you have, or have had, unauthorized (rogue) wireless APs deployed without your knowledge. With the consumer gear so cheap, many employees don’t wait for the networking folks to get around to providing wireless. They just go out and buy an Access Point themselves and hide it in their cubes or in the ceiling. They can then use their laptops in the coffee area or the conference room and no one is the wiser.

In Upsize Magazine:

In a guide to buying wireless:

Many small businesses quickly begin to see the financial advantages of adopting wireless technology says Mike Ellsworth, founder and “Head Guy” of the Wi-Fi Guys, a wireless technology consulting firm. (“Wi-Fi” rhymes with “Hi-Fi.”)

“Even for a smaller enterprise, the savings can be significant,” says Ellsworth. That’s especially true of wireless networks.

“Small companies can also benefit because it’s a lot cheaper doing that than laying cable,” he says.

In CFO Magazine

In an article on the Sircam Worm: "It's not that a peer-to- peer network is more vulnerable to a worm or a virus, but they certainly spread a heck of a lot faster."

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