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Wireless LAN Security and Management

In the US, the public WLAN market is forecast to include 21 million users and to generate $3 billion in annual revenues by 2007. But 30 percent of enterprise network managers cite lack of security as main feature limiting enterprise deployment. Find out how to secure your wireless network.

Organizational Security: When People Are Involved

“Computer security is a 40-year-old discipline; every year there's new research, new technologies, new products, even new laws. And every year things get worse,” said Bruce Schneier, CIO, Counterpane Internet Security Inc. You can have the best firewall, the best intrusion detection system, and the best password system but if everyone in your organization is not involved in your security, you might as well do nothing. Find out more about protecting your organization by educating your people.

FutureComm: Communicating in a Post-Literate World

Technology is advancing at a dizzying rate, and business and technical communications need to keep pace. Many of tomorrow's business leaders will be part of a post-literate generation, a generation raised on video games and MTV, and accustomed to getting their information via quick jump cuts. New media such as Instant Messaging, Flash animation, online video, and blogs along with accelerated use of email, voice mail and other electronic communication require communicators to learn new ways of communicating. This presentation takes a look at some of the most important new technologies that will transform business, and at how to communicate in a rapidly changing world.

Will You Have to Have It? What You Need to Know About Future Tech and Your Business

With all the advances in technology bombarding us every day, it's hard to sort out which ones will affect our day-to-day businesses. This presentation examines currently evolving and future technology trends and their impact on your business. For example, who could have imagined even six or seven years ago how much cell phones would change business practices? Well, how will your business change when everyone has a videophone in their pockets? How will you have to change your management practices when your employees can continue to do business no matter where they are, even on vacation? Find out what you need to know and what you can do to be on the wave, not under it.

The Next Wireless Killer Apps: Will You Have to Have IT?

With all the buzz these days around wireless voice and data services including Cellular Internet access, 2-way paging, Short Messaging Service, Wireless Instant Messaging, you have to begin to wonder if this is a set of technologies looking for a problem.  It's all neat stuff --- but is it the type of stuff that makes people say, "I've got to have it"?   What are all these new these applications and how can they add to the productivity of your staff? Understanding the issues below will help you decide when and if "you've got to have it!"

Boom or Gloom? The Future of B2B Exchanges

Like most of the dotcom industry, business-to-business exchanges have fallen out of favor with analysts and the media. Was the whole eCommerce excitement just a soap bubble of irrational exuberance, or are we just in a trough of disillusionment before the whole exchange idea takes off? This presentation examines the current state of exchanges - public, sponsored, and private - and makes predictions on how electronic commerce in general and the exchange concept in particular and will evolve over the next several years.

ASP: Impact on the Telecom Supply Chain

The Application Service Provider market has seen rapid expansion in recent years. Yet some pundits are predicting an equally rapid deflation for ASPs. Recent flameouts of ASP startups invite the question: Is the ASP outsourcing business model still sound? This presentation assesses the current state of the ASP market and considers two roles for telecom providers: as users of ASP services for Operating Support Systems and other aspects of the telecom supply chain, and as ASP providers themselves.

X2X and The B2B End Game

What will the landscape look like when eBusiness growth is done and every business is an eBusiness? Will there be thousands of free-standing exchanges, or a handful of dominant, cross industry marketplaces? Will the dominant paradigm be public exchanges, or will private exchanges that extend the supply chain predominate? In this era of Internet time, when long range planning means 6 to 12 months out, this presentation imagines the future by examining the current trends that will shape e-Business growth.

Public vs. Private: Portals and the Evolution of the Supply Chain

With all the hype about public portals and exchanges, the quiet revolution of the supply chain can get overlooked. This presentation not only examines why the corporate portal is becoming the focal point of a company's transformation into an e-Business, but how the techniques and technologies being developed for public e-business are being used to streamline corporations' private transactions with partners.

Outsourcing Content and Applications

So you want to be an ASP? This presentation examines several critical factors to assess when deciding whether to outsource your application or content or offer it in the Application Service Provider model. Presented as part of an eMarketplaces panel at Seybold, the speech is targeted at content owners.


Partial Client List

CAMP Conferences, Chicago, IL

marcus evans Conferences, New York, NY

Delphi Group, Boston, MA

Seybold Group, Boston, MA

Twin Cities Electronic Commerce Forum, Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota Entrepreneurs, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

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