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Stuff I Said

Remarkably little of what I and others said in the beginning of the commercial Internet actually survives. Here's a selection of what's left of my early words.




11/93 "I envision a future in which we all are required to build advertising sheilds around our email boxes, and advertisers constantly mutate their From fields to duck under our defenses and pelt us with ads."


"In the current environment, folks have enough energy to flame the occasional advertiser that oversteps the bounds.  But what if there weren't a few, but hundreds of advertisers?  Who's got the time or energy to flame then?  Unless there are guidelines, or firmly established etiquette, I feel that most people will just install filters, or otherwise do their best to ignore unsolicited advertisements.”

11/93 "Changing the paradigm will be extremely difficult as long as the current paradigm works, and works as well as it does.  The fact that advertising is likely to be less costly via electronic mail will just reinforce the current way of doing things."

11/93 " . . . in Japan, these same companies sell TVs (or maybe just add ons, I forget) that will mute the TV at the beginning of a commercial.  The reason such things work is due to an electronic glitch that occurs on Japanese TV when the broadcast switches to and from commercials."

11/93 "I doubt that advertisers will be satisfied with the bulletin board (or billboard) [or banner] mode, just as they are worried about viewers who mute commercials (although they are a minority, I find) or zap them when watching shows on tape.  Advertisers do not want the user to be in control of the message, they want the message to be presented regardless."

2/94 Wired Net Surf team member

5/94 Wired Net Surf team member

10/94 “Spry, Inc in Seattle, creators of AIR Mosaic has a secure credit card validation service in the works.”


“For us, the Prodigy browser because of its caching, makes their users go through a few extra steps that people using other browsers don't. This is even after we modified our code to help the Prodigy browser.”


"I looked around our organization, and there were remarkably few people who had a clue about the Web, and nobody was available to work on the project," says Ellsworth.

10/95 “The number of hits quantification is based on current paradigms of advertising, and may not be applicable to interactive marketing.”

11/96 Using MIME with CGI book chapter

11/96 Adding an Online Search Engine book chapter

If you're interested in reading some of the less interesting things I've had to say online, check out More Stuff I Said.

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