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SETI@Home – Finding Aliens

The SETI@Home project is popularly regarded as the granddaddy of hive computing, although the idea has been around for 30 years or more. In fact, researchers at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center first explored distributed computing in the 1970s. Along the way, there have been some pretty high profile hive computing projects, including the rendering of the Toy Story movies via server farm and the cracking, via a hive network in 1997, of Netscape’s 56-bit encryption key[1]. Computer chip giant Intel has used hive computing to design chips since 1990, saving half a billion dollars using spare computing resources within its organization.


There's more on SETI@Home in Part 2 of CTOMentor's peer-to-peer white paper: Peer-to-Peer Computing and Business Networks: More Than Meets the Ear, Part 2 – How Are Businesses Using P2P? Part 2 is available at MindCrossing for a fee of $50. Part 1 - What is P2P? is available for free at CTOMentor.

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