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P2P4B2B – Peer-to-Peer Companies Focused on Business

This directory contains listings of P2P companies that businesses should be aware of. The sites were picked for their relevance to business use of P2P technology. For the most part, sites devoted to consumer-to-consumer (C2C) file sharing are not included.

Also check out O'Reilly's OpenP2P (, a tremendous resource for anyone wanting to keep track of the rapidly changing P2P marketplace.

You can also see the latest P2P news here.

The sites were picked for their relevance to business use of P2P technology. Sites devoted to consumer-to-consumer (C2C) file sharing are not included. See also our listing of Non-Commercial P2P Efforts, which is a subset of this directory. All links were visited and supplementary material was added in Q3, 2006.

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Microsoft’s .NET effort is based on networked components, which are inherently P2P.  In addition, its FarSite project is developing a distributed file system.


Now defunct. A startup accelerator and software development company for P2P businesses. Buzzpad is an investee. Site down 8/2/01.


Collaborative P2P groupware network. hotComm provides secure interactive access or exchange of text, voice or files using the 1stWorks Peer Network. Any user may be client or server or both. The active link feature, IM-Live, delivers secure and serverless Java-based Instant Messaging.  ezPeer provides dynamic address redirection for Web sites hosted with dynamic IP or port addresses.


Now defunct. P2P secure collaboration software.


Now defunct. StreamingPeer™ delivers rich media content safely, quickly and cost-effectively.


Now defunct. Personal Portal Server can connect to other peer-to-peer portal and content servers. 2Share browser-based software uses XML and "pluglets".


Now defunct. An open source, distributed adaptable grid operating system being developed by the University of Illinois.

2nd Order

Now defunct.


Now defunct. A behind-the-firewall secure Instant Messaging solution, 2WAY IM requires password authentication of all participants, and provides administrative control over user connections and permissions. Uses SSL encryption and also enables back-up of corporate messaging history to offline storage.


Now defunct. Acquired by Cyveillance®. Omnipeer™ can search designated directories and browser caches on every users' PC within an organization. A knowledge management oriented solution.


A priority, permission-based, and fully outsourced peer-to-peer content delivery service for all digital content. Basically a variation on push technology from investor BackWeb.


Acceloop Streaming Server Accelerator does P2P content distribution by assembling peer content delivery networks. Acceloop also provides new transfer protocols to enable higher content availability and reliable delivery.

ACD Systems

Express Server™ Instant Messaging server and client for secure Instant Messaging.


Defunct .


Now defunct. Adaptive platform for developing distributed applications into open-source. Adaptinet SDK now available for download.


Enables private labeled file sharing networks.

Aeolus Research

Consulting firm experienced in installation of Beowulf clusters.


LiveCache forms the platform for LiveMessenger, a peer-to-peer messaging product. White paper.


Syndicator, ™ is a software development platform that integrates applications


Now defunct. Combines Napster-like file sharing with the AOL Instant Messaging service., FKA DiffuseNetwork

P2P Content Delivery Network distributing server and client software for free. More . . .

ALPINE Network

A peer based Open Source application and network infrastructure designed for decentralized information location/discovery.

Amaya Web Editor/Browser

A complete web browsing and authoring environment that implements collaborative annotation. From W3C.


Human-Links is a peer-to-peer search engine that can index the Web in real-time. Paris-based.


Messaging platform, including IM, based on Jabber and allowing integration of disparate devices.

Applied MetaComputing

Renamed Avaki.


TEAMThink Product Suite, a Performance Improvement Software System. Enables P2P learning networks.


Formerly Applied Metacomputing. Avaki 2.0 is a computing environment that can find needed resources, coordinate and execute required processes, and return results employing scheduling, data management, fault tolerance, site autonomy, and a wide range of security options. Boeing, Harvard Medical School, the Naval Research Laboratory and NASA are clients.
JXTA White paper.

Bad Blue

Bad Blue is a web-based file sharing and Web publishing service that includes a tiny version of the Microsoft IIS Web server.


Bantu Messenger is a secure Java-based Instant Messaging system that enables broadcast notifications and works on wireless devices.


Develops programming tools and middleware for developing P2P applications using patent-pending technologies to connect to existing databases. The company's Base/1 Internet Server (BIS) and other products are all built upon their Rich Client Architecture. Client Deutsche Bank uses BaseOne to create a virtual supercomputer.


Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol is an XML-based messaging framework for building application protocols


Distributed computing project started in 1994.


GOtrieve offers personalized, automated information retrieval which captures content from anywhere on the Internet and delivers to any Web-enabled device.


Does Instant Message marketing to users of Napster and other music-sharing services.
More . . .


Developing a P2P platform.

Black Diamond Products

SockeToome is a file sharing and queuing program. It depends on DNS, however, to access target computers.


A Weblog application that allows you to easily publish content to the Web. Interestingly, Blogger got its users to chip in for more servers, voluntarily.

Blue Air Networks

Now defunct. PartSage™ is a supply chain collaboration application that includes PartSage Prompt, a P2P collaboration application.

Blue Falcon Networks (FKA Static)

Now defunct. Formerly known as Static. Streamer™ reduces bandwidth and server costs for streaming media or large file downloads using a distributed network and reflector technology that creates virtual bandwidth. Signed Radio Free Virgin as client.

Blue Tiger Networks

Acquired by OpenWebs. BTN Exchange Suite lets customers build P2P trading networks.


A peer-to-peer wireless networking protocol originally developed by Ericsson. Bluetooth devices are starting to come into the market now. For more information on Bluetooth, see the Geneer Wireless White Paper.


File sharing Gnutella client for corporate intranets. Features download resume.


Author and manage newspaper classifieds from user desktop PCs with use of negotiation features and transaction services.

Brazil Project

This Web application framework effort from Sun links together a variety of their technologies, from Java to Jini, as well as wireless networking.


P2P catalog and purchasing distribution.

Buzzpad (formerly Freeloads)

Now defunct. Licenses its Buzzpad Platform software to developers and IT departments. Claims 20 "Peer-to-Peer Synchs" per second.


Digital watermarking. MusicDNA™ stores a unique identifier as a universal key in the Cantametrix Data Interchange. Web site down 11/17/01.


Health care focused data sharing.


Centerspan bought the assets of Scour, and has beta-released the C2C file swapping service as apparently its only product.

ChainCast Networks

ChainCast Content Delivery Platform does P2P media streaming.

Chord Project

Chord is a flexible lookup primitive intended for use in peer-to-peer environments. The Chord primitive maps keys to servers in a decentralized manner.


Cincro's patent-pending technology is based on advanced distributed computing and visualization technologies. Looking Glass™ presents a zoomable canvas where users can drag and drop many different data types

Climate Dynamics

Now defunct. Casino-21 is a climate simulation distributed computing project. Web site down 11/17/01.

Now Defunct.Portal source for technical information on P2P file sharing networks. See where many of the experts from the old site now answer questions.


Collanos Workplace is a Peer-to-Peer 2.0 teamwork solution streamlining any dispersed teams' collaboration efforts, allowing members to get on board instantly. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Compute Power Market project uses an economics approach in managing computational resources.


Now defunct. The unplug+play peer-to-peer wireless platform unifies Bluetooth Personal Area Networking and GPRS/3G Wide Area Networking, using the mobile phone as the gateway between the PAN and the WAN.


Condor is a High Throughput Computing environment based on a layered architecture that provides a powerful and flexible suite of Resource Management services to sequential and parallel applications.


Distributed computing infrastructure that aggregates any content and automates any business process.


Correlate lets users create and share KnowledgeMaps that graphically organize information.


Now defunct. The Common Profile for Instant Messaging (CPIM) specification defines a number of operations to be supported and criteria to be satisfied for interworking diverse instant messaging protocols.


Acquired PeerLogic. InJoin™ BATCH (formerly LiveContent BATCH). Provides batch job execution environment on UNIX, featuring job step management and recovery, priority classes, conditioned execution, job monitoring and more.


Curl creates a content delivery platform. Founded by the father of the Web, Tim Berners-Lee.


Now defunct. Creator of Resource Router™, Universal Sharing Environment (USE™), Universal Query Language (UQL™), and other distributed platform-enabling technologies


LiveCluster™ is a distributed, CPU-sharing system that offers CPU cycles for pay. Participants are paid in “flooz” credits they can use to buy on the Web.
More . . .


DirectP2P is a library of modules that interact with various P2P networks such as Gnutella, OpenNap, Kazaa/Morpheus, and eDonkey2000. It presents a unified interface (or API) so that anyone may write their own client.

Now defunct. Former name of Process Tree/Distributed Science.

At first a non-profit, has allied with United Devices to provide distributed computing resources.

Distributed Science

Now defunct. ProcessTree ran a commercial super-computing network of 156,468 computers.


Creating a national high-speed digital network for the distribution of digital entertainment, interactive services, and multimedia communications.


DThomas-Software Architecture Consulting Services Software Architecture Consulting Services OOAD development process consulting

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