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BigChampagne – Napster-based Marketing via IM

The free ride may be over for Napster users, in more ways than one. Not only are the big record labels pressuring the company to stop facilitating trades of copyrighted material, but now marketers are licking their chops at all the data that can be harvested from the company’s user base.


One company capitalizing on the rich data farm is BigChampagne. Their technique is to search the hard drives of Napster users and send targeted Instant Messages (IM) to fans of an artist/client.


There's more on BigChampagne in Part 2 of CTOMentor's peer-to-peer white paper: Peer-to-Peer Computing and Business Networks: More Than Meets the Ear, Part 2 – How Are Businesses Using P2P? Part 2 is available at MindCrossing for a fee of $50. Part 1 - What is P2P? is available for free at CTOMentor.

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