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Keynote – Testing eCommerce Performance

Keynote is a Porivo competitor backed by high-profile venture capital group Hummer Winblad. In addition to regular Web site testing using its Prophecy product, Keynote also tests eCommerce transaction times through its Sensory product, and analyzes traffic bottlenecks with its Discovery product, still in development. Keynote’s Sensory testing of 27 popular shopping sites the week before Christmas, 2000 gave top marks to (now defunct), as well as sites by J.Crew, Landsend, and Amazon. The average page response in the test varied between 1 and 9 seconds, with total time to complete a transaction varied from 1 to 5 minutes. Most of the sites were able to complete a transaction, from front page to credit card processing, in less than three minutes.[1]


Keynote has partnered with fellow P2P firm Entropia to gain access to Entropia’s network of 100,000 PCs in 80 countries. A similar deal with P2P company Distributed Science gives Keynote access to 70,000 computers. Using networks of representative user computers has many advantages over the common practice of using servers co-located at Internet service providers' data centers to simulate hits on a Web site. "Co-located machines don't provide the response times that the end-user sees because they're not resident within the last mile," said Keynote president and CEO Jeff Tonkel.[2]


The company also offers private label versions of its software, and is partnered with Ariba, Commerce One, Price Waterhouse Coopers, and Arthur Andersen, among others.


There's more on other P2P companies and their applications in Part 2 of CTOMentor's peer-to-peer white paper: Peer-to-Peer Computing and Business Networks: More Than Meets the Ear, Part 2 – How Are Businesses Using P2P? Part 2 is available at MindCrossing for a fee of $50. Part 1 - What is P2P? is available for free at CTOMentor.

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