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P2P4B2B – Peer-to-Peer Companies Focused on Business

This directory contains listings of P2P companies that businesses should be aware of. The sites were picked for their relevance to business use of P2P technology. For the most part, sites devoted to consumer-to-consumer (C2C) file sharing are not included.

Also check out O'Reilly's OpenP2P (, a tremendous resource for anyone wanting to keep track of the rapidly changing P2P marketplace.

You can also see the latest P2P news here.

The sites were picked for their relevance to business use of P2P technology. Sites devoted to consumer-to-consumer (C2C) file sharing are not included. See also our listing of Non-Commercial P2P Efforts, which is a subset of this directory. All links were visited and supplementary material was added in Q3, 2006.

Company or Effort

Web Site



Now defunct Eazel Online Storage was a distributed file sharing application.

EcoGrid ~rajkumar/ecogrid/

Now defunct Portal for information about grid computing, with emphasis on economics.


Now defunct Ejasent UpScale™ based on Instant Application Switching™ and MicroMeasure™, supplies eBusinesses with on-demand Web application processing capacity. UpScale Enterprise supplies companies with on-demand server capacity on a pay-per-use basis.


Creators of a P2P programming technology called Software Cabling.


Financial Transaction Management ensures Digital Rights Management and payment, allowing for controlled distribution, copyright protection and centralized control. ePilot™, is a free search engine built on Event Frame FTM with 953,000 members. My eHive is eLiberation’s prototype P2P file-sharing software


Storage vendor developed SymmAPI™-Sockets application programming interface for P2P file systems.


eMikolo has developed its PeerCasting™ and eMikolo Plus Platform™ technology to enable content owners, distributors and network operators to peer their content networks while dictating financial and copyright policies. Partnered with Sun.

Endeavors Technology, Inc.

Developed Magi suite of applications for P2P devices, remote control, and workflow. Acquired intellectual property of Omnishift Software.

Engenia Software, Inc.

Now defunct Developed Relationship Web™, an XML-based web-enabled collaborative workgroup solution and virtual distributed file system. Bought assets of defunct Roku. Company emphasis seems to have changed; may no longer be using P2P.


Now defunct Entropia's Distributed Computing platform uses corporate PC networks to accelerate computationally intensive enterprise applications. Will integrate its enterprise software with that of the Globus toolkit, a core open-source technology that enables Grid computing. White paper.


Now defunct Open source file-sharing client offshoot of Freenet that uses a decentralized, serverless architecture.


Now defunctCreated PAGM (Progressive Active Geometric Mirroring) multi peer-to-peer technology for content delivery. Teamed with Filmspeed to deliver motion picture content to computers and mobile devices.


Now Defunct. A startup in stealth mode.

Exelion Now Defunct. Was a distributed business enabler creating a P2P API.
Exploit Systems Now defunct Exploit Systems operates a Peer Offering Service (POS) intended to deter file-swapping piracy and converting users to paying customers.

Extradna Labs

Now defunct Extradna's UDDS (Universal Distributed Data Source) Framework is a platform for distributed knowledge collaboration that allows users to share services and resources, discover any resource
in the network, and easily access
and administer distributed information.
Extradna UDDS platform concepts of Resource, DataSource and Service
make document, Website, service, device, human beings and other resources self-described, shared, searched, referenced, tracked and accessed.


EZmeeting software for virtual meetings.


InfoWorkSpace is a collaboration environment with Instant Messaging, virtual workspace, and other collaborative tools. Received DoD approval as secure product for online collaboration.


Developing the FastTrack P2P Stack. KaZaA and Morpheus are using this technology. CloudLoad is a P2P content delivery network.


A P2P fee-based file-sharing community dedicated to Patent and Trademark documents.

Fiorano Tifosi Peer Server (TPS), based on JMS, P2P and security standards, combines messaging with P2P computing, and additional services and APIs. The development environment features distributed debugging, role based design views and security,
and real-time tracing and logging. Business users can easily compose, modify and deploy new workflows in real-time.

First Peer

Publishers Gateway distributes buyers' searches directly to the sellers/suppliers of an industry or marketplace, where their inventory is searched in real time. With the Market Gateway, suppliers can expose real time, dynamic product inventory directly in a marketplace without adopting expensive technologies and business methodologies. Supplier Gateway plugs into existing e-catalog, auction or inventory systems.


FLIPR (Future License of Intellectual Property Registry) is a P2P digital media distribution system


Now Defunct. Formerly AppleSoup, Flycode was started by a Napster founder, and was developing a network that lets content owners distribute anything digital.

Fracta Networks

Now defunct Acquired by Divine in August, 2001. Creating a digital content distribution network called Personal Insight.

The Free Haven Project

Enables anonymous publication.


Freenet aims to create an information publication system similar to the World Wide Web based on the protocol in which information can be inserted into the system associated with a "key". Later anyone else can retrieve the information using the appropriate key. Users don’t know what files they’re hosting. Popular files migrate closer to users.

Free Peers

Now defunct Creators of BearShare, the Gnutella file sharing network.

Fuse Systems

Now defunct Search engine now for sale.


Gaim is a clone of AOL's Instant Messenger client, but for Linux. It is smaller and faster while featuring nearly all of the functionality of the official AIM. Gaim also has plugins that let you use ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, IRC, Jabber, Napster, and Zephyr.


Now defunct Custom software and IT consulting firm.

GeoBridge Project

A BusinessPeer-to-BusinessPeer (BP2BP) project proposed by the Economic TeleDevelopment Forum. Intends to launch a commerce-centric open P2P global business connections network through a virtual B2B marketplace called TeleAgora.


A generic interface to the FastTrack P2P network (Used by Kazaa and Morpehus). giFT also provides a generic daemon that can load "plugins" for different file sharing protocols, including a home grown network called OpenFT.

Global eTech

Now defunct Partnership with Endeavors to integrate P2P technology into Global eTech’s Supply Chain Management solutions.

Global Grid Forum

Volunteer organization to promote P2P standards.

Global TradeDesk

Now defunct Global TradeDesk is a P2P transaction trading system and platform with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities that conforms to the ebXML standard.


The Globus Project aims to create computational grids, persistent environments that enable software applications to integrate instruments, displays, computational and information resources that are managed by diverse organizations in widespread locations.

Glue Technology

An open, Java and XML-ased platform for integrating distributed applications and Web services.


Gnutella is a fully distributed information-sharing technology incorporating client and server in the same application. Gnutella allows users to share files of all types. (aka InfraSearch, now JXTA Search)

Bought by Sun and folded into the JXTA project as JXTA Search, the company developed InfraSearch for real-time information sharing.


Consortium gPulp is a working group to develop the next version of the Gnutella protocol, the general Purpose Location protocol. French site.

GreenTea Technologies

The GreenTea (GT) Platform is a Java-based P2P operating system platform for distributed network computing services. Resources that can be shared bidirectionallyinclude both hard resources (for example CPU, RAM, hard disk, network bandwidth, etc) and soft resources (for example files, software applications and services, etc).


A toolkit for building portals offering entry to a computing grid. Used for the HotPage, which organizes access to the supercomputer resources of UCSD/SDSC, UTexas, UMichigan, and Caltech.

Groove Networks

Created by Lotus Notes developer Ray Ozzie and purchased by Microsoft and renamed Office Groove, Groove is evolving groupware into peerware. Information sharing and real-time collaboration software are combined in this offering. More . . .

Creates a distributed computing client, the first application of which is a Web indexer.

Hotline Communications Ltd

Hotline is a P2P community application featuring real time chat, conferencing, messaging, data warehousing, file transfer and streaming capabilities.


Server white paper
Manageability white paper
Trust white paper
IrDA white paper
eServices white paper
Finding peers white paper

P2P Internet Business Servers

Hughes Network Systems


Now defunct Established SPACEWAY(TM) Peer-to-Peer Application Center of Excellence to develop its next generation broadband satellite platform.


Now Defunct. Project Pandango was to allow users to conduct P2P searches on the Web. More . . .


IBM is no longer marketing SanFrancisco its a Java-based suite of business process components and services that could be used for P2P applications.


Now defunct Ikimbo’s Omniprise technology creates global, group-to-group communication and file sharing networks inside and outside the firewall.


Now Defunct. iMaestro Interact was a P2P auction network.


Distributed file sharing and collaboration.

Improv Technologies

Now defunct The Cirquet™ distributed computing platform provides a framework for Java beans. Joined the Sun JXTA effort. Uses the JXTA discovery mechanism to locate other Cirquet peers and uses both the grouping and security mechanisms of JXTA to control access to resources.


Now defunct The iMulet Platform is a powerful and flexible architecture and a collection of 100 modules that allow building internet solutions. Uses JXTA technology.


Now defunct A draft XML standard for instant messaging.


A Perl module that connects to an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server, joins channels, and begins accumulating “factoids.”



Intel formed a P2P working group that is meeting with some resistance from developers. Nonetheless, they are behind the movement in a big way, having saved hundreds of millions using P2P over the last decade.

Interface Dynamics

WuWu is Peer Presence Framework that enables applications such as collaboration, Instant Messaging, and remote control. It employs a sophisticated “third peer” method of overcoming firewall and NAT P2P limitations.


A consortium led by over 180 universities working in partnership with industry and government to develop and deploy advanced network applications and technologies.


P2P collaboration environment.

Invisible Worlds

Now defunct. Developed Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (BEEP) (now known as BXXP) for P2P applications, now an Internet Draft.

A startup readying a P2P auction platform.


A cross-platform, XML-based instant messaging system that supports up to 200,000 concurrent users. Recently inked deal with Disney. More . . .


Jibe enables enterprise P2P commerce. On Aug. 1, Jibe will release a beta software product that will enable companies to search and share distributed databases via private P2P hubs.More . . .


The Java interface to FastTrack (used by Kazaa and Morpheus) or "jiFT isn't FastTrack". A port of the giFT daemon from C to Java.


P2P networking for devices, from Sun. Each device provides services that other devices in the community may use.


Japanese Gnutella community.

Jungle Monkey

A Unix-based distributed file-sharing service.


Sun’s JXTA effort aims to be the first P2P stack.
More . . .

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Last updated, May 15, 2002. Links last verified: June 2006.

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