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P2P4B2B – Peer-to-Peer Companies Focused on Business

This directory contains listings of P2P companies that businesses should be aware of. The sites were picked for their relevance to business use of P2P technology. For the most part, sites devoted to consumer-to-consumer (C2C) file sharing are not included.

Also check out O'Reilly's OpenP2P (, a tremendous resource for anyone wanting to keep track of the rapidly changing P2P marketplace.

You can also see the latest P2P news here.

The sites were picked for their relevance to business use of P2P technology. Sites devoted to consumer-to-consumer (C2C) file sharing are not included. See also our listing of Non-Commercial P2P Efforts, which is a subset of this directory. All links were visited and supplementary material was added in Q3, 2006.

Company or Effort

Web Site


The Art of Service

The Art of Service's Distributed computing predictive analytics report evaluates technologies and applications (including MoneyBee) in terms of their business impact, adoption rate and maturity level to help users decide where and when to invest.

Kalepa Networks

Now defunct Kalepa's Distributed Discovery software is as an enterprise solution for managing distributed resources, including databases.


Now defunct French P2P knowledge management company.


One of the file sharing services vying to replace the crippled Napster. More than 2.8 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users. Based on technology from FastTrack, which owns it.


Keynote purchased Envive. Solutions use P2P to test Web site performance and service levels. Maintains a performance index of top Web sites. More . . .


Makes hardware and systems for P2P messaging and grid computing. Killdara's Vitiris software products assist integrators and software vendors to build communities of distributed business applications.


KnowNow specializes in collaboration and Web applications, and has a technology that holds open the connection between a Web browser and a Web server. Has demonstrated a voting application.

Kontiki, FKA Zodiac Networks

Formerly known as Zodiac, Kontiki enables enterprises to efficiently publish, secure, deliver and track digital media to employees, partners, and customers.
Started by Netscape alums and backed by Barksdale and Andreessen.

Liberty Bloom

Liberty Bloom, co-founded by Sir Bob Geldof, has developed Leadshare™, which it claims is P2P viral-email marketing technology. It also offers free e-commerce, viral-email tools, web pages, financial record keeping and security controlled financial transactions.


Lightshare enables e-commerce on peer-to-peer networks. More . . .


Phillipe Kahn’s company. Java-based P2P wireless multimedia, including video.


A P2P securities trading system that enables fund managers to aggregate and disguise their trades.
More . . .

Livermore Software Technology

LS-DYNA is capable of simulating complex real world problems and is running car crash simulations on P2P networks at Ford Motor Co.


MangoSoft produces Cachelink, a software-based web caching product, and Mangomind, a business user file-sharing application.


A content management system from Userland that can be used to create Weblogs.

McAfee AsaP (FKA MyCIO)

A distributed antivirus network formerly known as MyCIO, but recently folded back into parent McAfee as McAfeeASaP. More . . .

Meerkat: An Open Wire Service

Meerkat is an XML-based syndicated content reader from publisher O’Reilly. It reports news on P2P issues. Good companion service to O’Reilly’s

Mera Enterprises A distributed P2P IP Telephony system based on their Know-How xPEERience technology which includes two major protocols: NAT Through-Path and Network Search. The company claims to have solved NAT / Firewall problems using their technology.

Mercury Prime

Now defunct Razius Express does secure instant messaging and file transfer.

Mesh Networks

Wireless network technology that allows direct communication between peer wireless devices.


Microsoft’s .NET initiative enables creation of P2P systems.

Mithral Communications & Design Inc.

Mithral’s Cosm Phase 1 is a set of cross-platform open protocols and applications designed to allow distributed computers to work together on projects. Partnered with Stanford Alzheimer and Amyloidogenic Disease Research Program.


Originally intended to be a distributed P2P search engine, now specializes in visual search for mobile phones.

Mobular Technologies

Email search engine.

Mojo Nation

Now defunct Mojo Nation enables publishing and sharing of any kind of data and is creating a digital marketplace for the exchange of idle disk space, bandwidth, and CPU cycles. Users must contribute “mojo” in order to download.

The Mind Electric

The GLUE™ distributed Web services platform is based on open standards, including XML, HTTP, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI and WAP. GAIA™ is a superset of GLUE that supports service-oriented architectures with features such as clustering, load balancing, and fault tolerance. GAIA uses a P2P architecture for scalability.


Mobile Mesh is an Open Source project to enable P2P communication between mobile nodes, and involves Mobile Mesh Link Discovery Protocol, Mobile Mesh Routing Protocol, Mobile Mesh Border Discovery Protocol.

Money Bee

Now defunct MoneyBee enables users to receive valuable stock exchange prognoses by taking part in the calculation.

Makers of Morpheus, one of the services vying to replace the crippled Napster. Based on FastTrack technology.


PeerGenius™ is a Digital Content Distribution Management ™ (DCDM™) file sharing solution.


The Granddaddy of the current P2P wave. It is primarily a music file sharing service now seeking to transform to a subscription model.


Now defunct Was content and digital rights management services


A distributed search engine by Tenebril.


Secure Java-based Instant Messaging, with broadcast and polling capabilities. Allows central administration and integrates with existing directories.


Spot Dealmaker lets buyers and sellers step through business rules and facilitates transactions P2P.


NeuroGrid allows the user to store data in a web-like fashion, associating bookmarks (files/documents) with multiple keywords. User activity is observed and the associations refined to reflect the way in which the keywords are used NeuroGrid P2P search engine is an application of the underlying NeuroGrid Learning technology, plus NeuroGrid routing technology.

New Productivity Initiative

An industry effort by system vendors, independent software vendors, and service providers to develop Distributed Resource Management (DRM), which ensures that disparate computing resources are united to optimize the use of the network as a computing platform.


NextPage Matrix™ creates a virtual collaborative space. Licensed its software to Wolters Kluwer, one of the largest global professional publishers.


Now defunct iServerNet collaboration platform enables the sharing of people, projects, and knowledge. Accenture is a client.


Audio publishing system SHOUTcast is Nullsoft's Free Winamp-based distributed streaming audio system.


Distributed database systems.


UC Berkeley project sponsored by IBM to enable the interconnection of up to a billion computers.

Oculus Technologies

Secure, P2P file sharing oriented to design collaboration. Uses JXTA technology for peer discovery services.


Open File Sharing Initiative is developing P2P file sharing. Project is apparently dormant.


Now defunct It was an open source network of P2P networks, originating from the Ukraine.


Now defunct Japanese electronics giant that has created an agent-based middleware system for Java -- JUMON -- that's designed to work on cell phones and PDAs. In a joint project with Bandai to enable P2P games.


File sharing platform with patented token security system.

OnSystems, Inc.

Formerly InterFriendly, OnSystems created Tijit, which develops Virtual Internet Networks (VINs) that create secure virtual networks based on their PeerSystem server.

OP40 DIS software enables deployment of centralized Web-based applications to remote servers, PC's, laptops, PDA's and more.


openCOLA (Open Collaborative Object Lookup Architecture) Folders is an open-source autonomous and collaborative agent that collects, analyzes, and delivers dynamic content. Their Swarmcast project does content distribution and Folders is a file sharing system.


P2P RFP-based trading system. Korean company.

OpenDesign (FKA What U Want)

Software tools for P2P applications.


An open source version of the proprietary Napster server.


O’Reilly’s information portal about P2P.


Acquired Blue Tiger. OpenWebs is using its tradingNetwork™ platform to build industry-specific, P2P networks - virtual trading communities - of retailers, distributors and manufacturers to let them locate, buy and sell products with each other. Offers a tire industry tradingNetwork.

Now defunct Was information portal about the P2P movement. OnSystems bought the domain.


Information portal about the P2P movement.

Parabon Computation

Parabon’s products are Pioneer, a distributed computing application, and Frontier, a platform for secure distributed computing for "compute-intensive" projects. Currently powering some cancer research. More . . .


Purchased by divineInterventures. Collaboration software Parlano MindAlign.

PeerClub (Korea)

Now defunct Korean company developing P2P based file-sharing program called Solomon.


P2P file distribution with Digital Rights Management created by myfileshare Inc.


Information portal about the P2P movement.

PeerMetrics (FKA Exelion)

Creators of the Open Source PeerBrowser, as well as the Rabbit Protocol and the Peer System, a framework for developing P2P applications.


Now defunct Portal with subwebs for investors and P2P entrepreneurs.


Information portal about the P2P movement.


Information portal about the P2P movement. Provides original research and analysis.

Peer-to-Peer Working Group

Non-profit effort organized to promote best-known practices based on peer-to-peer computing.


Information portal about the P2P movement.


Developers of the Gnotella search engine that searches Gnutella networks. Inked a deal with Clarity Incentive Systems to jointly develop and market a proprietary rewards platform that brings together highly involved participants and industry leading suppliers.


An Open Source distributed workflow system.

Platform Computing

Launched in June, 2000, LSF ActiveCluster extends Platform's core Load Sharing Facility (LSF) which optimally manages job processing by spreading the workload across the network, orchestrating all resources, regardless of differences in hardware architecture or operating system. The company has strategic partnerships with Compaq, HP, IBM, SGI and Sun Microsystems. Monsanto is a client.


An intranet file searching platform plus distributed Excel spreadsheet calculation.


Now defunct A search engine that searches a peer-to-peer search network.

Pocit Labs

Swedish maker of BlueTalk™, a Bluetooth-based P2P network platform that is now shipping.


The Pointera Sharing Engine allows users to find, download, and share any file format as well as doing a meta-search that automatically checks other search engines as well.


Now defunct A startup in stealth mode developing P2P content distribution technology.

Popular Power

Now defunct. Along with SETI@home, Popular Power was the poster child for distributed computing. Now it’s one of the first to cease operations. They are still running their non-profit projects, donating their users’ cycles to model flu virus. Plans to eventually charge for them and compensate users apparently fell through.

Porivo Technologies, Inc.

PeerReview is a distributed testing application; Porivo PEER(sm) is distributed computing technology. Establishing a computing exchange.
More . . .

Powerllel The Powerllel Software Suite enables enterprise-wide parallel processing through three components: Adapters, Lobster and DNet. Adapters place mathematical simulations, models, and algorithms into a flexible parallel framework. Lobster is a platform with built-in load balancing and fault tolerance. DNet provides an OS and middleware agnostic virtual layer that allows organizations to parallelize applications without costly and cumbersome customization and systems integration.

Proksim Software

Now known as Quazal. No longer in the P2P business space, the company is developing P2P infrastructure for online games.


An anonymous Web publishing system that inserts a layer of encryption that protects the identity of a publisher. A project at NYU.

Punch Networks

Web-based file sharing and collaboration. Has patented distributed software updating: "Method and apparatus for automatically disseminating information over a network" Patent 6,240,451 granted May 29, 2001.

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Last updated, June 20, 2002. Links verified June, 2005.

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