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P2P4B2B – Peer-to-Peer Companies Focused on Business

This directory contains listings of P2P companies that businesses should be aware of. The sites were picked for their relevance to business use of P2P technology. For the most part, sites devoted to consumer-to-consumer (C2C) file sharing are not included.

Also check out O'Reilly's OpenP2P (, a tremendous resource for anyone wanting to keep track of the rapidly changing P2P marketplace.

You can also see the latest P2P news here.

The sites were picked for their relevance to business use of P2P technology. Sites devoted to consumer-to-consumer (C2C) file sharing are not included. See also our listing of Non-Commercial P2P Efforts, which is a subset of this directory. All links were visited and supplementary material was added in Q3, 2006.

Company or Effort

Web Site




Now defunct. Collaborative customer service. Used in AskJeeves portal.


Quick Com

Now defunct. e-Courier™ uses IP Multicasting and JMS to support Guaranteed Quality of Service (GQoS) compliant, peer-to-peer networking over IP networks. More . . . 



Quicksilver Instant Messenger is an HTML-based Instant Message application that can use SSL to be secure. Involves no installation or downloadable code.



A startup in stealth mode, Qumatrix apparently will build a P2P content distribution network. Started by former employees of Web caching company, Akamai.


Radio Userland

A "personal radio station," music organizer and player as well as a collaborative outliner, a writing tool that organizes stories, directories, presentations.



The World Wide Web Consortium’s, Resource Description Framework, is a "declarative language and provides a standard way for using XML to represent metadata in the form of statements about properties and relationships of items on the Web."



Distributed computing platform Lightweight Distributed Computing (LDC) is used to create “reblets” on the REBOL/View desktop.



A startup in stealth mode. Founded by Travis Kalanick and the ex-Scour development team.



An Open Source reputation-enhanced personal, distributed portal that utilizes Reputation Management Framework (RMF) to filter information.


Resilient Edge

Now defunct. The Resilient Platform and the Edge Desktop provide a platform for developers to create P2P applications. Uses JXTA.



Now defunct. Roku Platform connected information together in "context” to view, use, and share information across all devices and networks. HP was reselling.


RSS 0.91

Rich Site Summary 0.91 is a lightweight syndication format for distributing news headlines that originated at Netscape.


RSS 1.0

RDF Site Summary is an XML-based lightweight modular multipurpose extensible metadata description and syndication format. RSS 1.0 is a new version of RSS 0.91 that supports extensions.


Sandia National Laboratories

Developed a cyberagent intrusion protection application, still in the laboratory stage, which functions as a multiagent collective -- a distributed program.

Scale8 Scale EightSM Global Storage Service provides a virtual storage repository for storing and serving files. Based on patent-pending Scale Eight technologies, this solution enables transparent file sharing between applications at multiple customer sites with inherent disaster protection.


Science Communications

Now know as Mobular Technologies. Search engine for email.



Assets acquired by CenterSpan. Music sharing service.


SETI@home: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Along with the now defunct Popular Power, SETI@home is the poster child of distributed computing. It allows anyone with a computer and an Internet connection to take part in the search for extraterrestrial signals. It runs as a screensaver.
More . . .


Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

Originally developed by Microsoft and now a W3C effort, Simple Object Access Protocol) is a lightweight, XML-based, protocol for exchange of information in a decentralized, distributed environment.



Collaboration environment offering workflow, online discussions; shared documents and files; chat; shared calendars; and messaging. Now available with Spanish and French language support.



Now called BlueFalcon Networks. Static Streamer™ reduces cutting bandwidth and server costs for streaming media or large file downloads using a distributed network and reflector technology that creates virtual bandwidth.


Sun Microsystems

Sun Grid Engine finds a pool of idle resources and harnesses it productively. Recently released as Open Source.


Symbiant Group

New York City-based IT Services firm specializing in P2P development.



Now defunct. s-Peer™ (Open Source) includes policy-based access controls, unique digital identities, security enhancements, and integrated communications tools. Uses JXTA technology.White paper. More . . .



Instant Messaging, wired or wireless, to send, receive, and forward electronic voice, text, images or any other kind of document globally.



Parent of NetBrilliant P2P search engine.



TeraPlatform is a distributed computing framework that allows enterprises to rapidly build P2P applications.

Now defunct. ScEngine under development for supply chain P2P messaging.



Created a distributed information and commerce engine and a Public Information Network. 



A P2P file-sharing program with multi-language support.



A distributed traceroute community from Dashbit. Each member runs a client that will remotely ping other members on request to measure network response.


Trove List

A list of Open Source P2P projects, primarily file sharing oriented.



Now defunct. EnFuzion cross-platform distributed computing application.



Ubero stands for "universal binding and execution of redundant objects,” a distributed object computing platform.


United Devices, Inc.

Distributed computing. Currently helping with cancer research.


Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI)

Universal Description, Discovery and Integration is a registry initiative lead by Ariba, IBM, and Microsoft to create a platform-independent, open framework for describing services, discovering businesses, and integrating business services using the Internet.



A startup in stealth mode founded by Freenet inventor Ian Clarke. Developing a content distribution application. Recently received $4M in funding from Intel and others.



Now part of F5, remote file access targeted to business, particularly wireless. More . . .



Ventrada™ is an application that gives mobile professionals access to all the files in all their storage locations, no matter where they are.



A startup in stealth mode.



TurboCast Web is Webcast streaming technology for live events over an internal network or the Internet, and also can store any multimedia content for convenient, on-demand playback.



Uses Full Duplex Packet Cascading (FDPC), a multicasting technique that relieves Web site congestion. More . . .



Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol that allows users to collaboratively edit and manage files on remote web servers. Supported by Adobe and Macromedia.



P2P customer support offering wired and wireless chat.



PeerBeans™is an application platform and network infrastructure that extends to B2B collaboration between peers in the supply chain. Incubated by Siemens, who is testing PeerBeans.



Now defunct. An anonymous, P2P service for untraceable speech.


WorldOS Corporation

Now defunct. An on-again-off-again application server for decentralized applications now at rev 0.9. It was Open Source, but apparently a three-man show. WorldOS now does P2P consulting and the product is renamed Goa.



Now defunct. WorldStreet Net offers distributed information distribution, workflow, and contact management for securities traders. Customers include Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, and Deutsche Bank.
More . . .



Claims to be working on a P2P metadata product, but appears to be offering enterprise distributed information management products. Release target is Fall 2001.



A really slow site to load. A portal listing projects using SOAP, including some using P2P.  


A precursor to SOAP, it uses XML and remote procedure calls to communicate information from one server to another.


XNS (eXtensible Name Service)

An open protocol and open-source platform for universal addressing promising a permanent identifier for a data container. Also XNS is a platform for "web agents" to negotiate the exchange, linking, and synchronization of information among different parties.



XOBJEX is an OS-agnostic, compact (26KB), P2P software daemon and API that contains an HTTP "listener", an HTTP "agent", and an XML parser to cause objects and components to collaborate across networks or the Internet. XOBJEX's core technology is available for download, under an OSI -approved license.



Secure file sharing. Recently bought online payments leader MagnaCash and will integrate MagnaCash’s transaction, royalty and accounting technology.

Zambeel Zambeel storage systems deliver a large, virtualized, managed pool of storage, up to hundreds of terabytes, through distributed computing.  


Collaborative applications via email. Create a Zaplet message and changes are propagated to all recipients. Also polling, voting, discussion.



Distributed architecture for database-driven applications.



Maintains a file sharing portal listing file sharing applications.



JBuddy SDK is a java API for interfacing to AIM, MSN, ICQ and Yahoo instant messaging services.


Zodiac Networks

Now known as Kontiki. Started by Netscape alums and backed by Barksdale and Andreessen.


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Last updated, June 20, 2002. Links verified June 2006.

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