Technology Strategy

Technology is changing at a dizzying pace. What does all this change mean for your company? Should you jump on the social selling bandwagon? What about eCommerce? Does it mean you need to sell your products on the Web? Will robotics utterly change the way things are manufactured?

StratVantage Consulting can help you make sense of rapidly changing technology by bringing years of online business-to-business (B2B)  experience to your planning process. Together we can develop a strategy and a plan of attack that will enable you to exploit the opportunities emerging technologies can bring to your business.

Whether the decision is as tactical as implementing social selling for your sales force or as strategic as selecting a new ERP system, leverage our practical, real-world experience to gain a strategic advantage for your business.

StratVantage can help

Every business, no matter how small, needs an IT strategy because every business invests in IT. You need to maximize the value your IT investment delivers, whether it be from smartphones, tablets, or large back office cloud-based systems. StratVantage’s experienced resources can help guide your company and fully leverage your IT investments.

A technology strategy is a foundation that must adapt over time to support the changing needs of an organization.  StratVantage adopts a multi-phased approach to developing IT strategies.

  • Establish a comprehensive baseline of the current IT environment
  • Determine the current business environment and the planned future business model
  • Project the future IT environment
  • Develop a transition plan to transform the current IT environment to the future IT environment over time

Here’s a short list of typical strategy engagement types:

  • Social Selling Strategy
  • Business Technology Review
  • Information Technology Strategy Preparation
  • Business Value/ROI Analysis
  • Technology Opportunity Analysis
  • Technology Optimization Analysis
  • IT Strategy & Planning
  • Business / IT Alignment
  • Solution Strategy
  • Business Analysis
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Advisory Services
  • Software/Hardware/Solution Selection
  • Training

We’ve worked with companies of all sizes, from the Fortune 15 to startups. We specialize in emerging technology strategy and vision as well as IT assessments and technology roadmaps. Contact us today to see how your company can master technology and turn it into a competitive advantage.

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