StratVantage News Summary

Back in the day, before there were blogs, StratVantage published the weekly StratVantage News Summary. You may enjoy a walk back to a time before the iPhone, before social media, and before ubiquitous Wi-Fi.

July 12, 2006 – Can Fixed Wireless Broadband Return from the Dead?, The Senate Doesn’t Get it, Sick of Email?, Invisibility Possibility, That ATM May Not Be As Secure As You Think, Microsoft to Control Racecars

June 22 , 2006 – Net Switzerland in Danger, Hang on a Nanosec. Let Me Get That Info, Cyber Best Practices, What if it was the “Microsoft iPod”?, Windows Can Drink, Free Wireless Everywhere?

May 19, 2006 – It’s Audit Time. Do You Know Where Your Email Is?, We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Horses!, Things Not In the Constitution, It’s Been 21 Years of Windows, Is Your Telephone Company Too Gay?, This Can’t Be True, Can It?, RFID Viruses – Another Architecture Security Failure

April 27, 2006 – You’re Hit! What Next? . . . A Slight Return, Join the Alert SNS Reader Group!, From SNS 2001 – Buzzword Alert

March 03 , 2006 – VoIP Security Is Horrible, Sixty Years of Computing, The Ultimate Gaming Machine, BMW Gets Google Death Penalty, It’s Good to be King?, Minorities Excluded from Government Grant System!, English v. Angel

February 16, 2006 – AOL Taxing Email?, Top 10 Funny Spammer Names, FISH of the Day

February 07, 2006 – High Tech Food, Low Tech Science, GoogleWatching: Google and Skype Invest in a Wi-Fi Startup, Every OS Sucks, What Exactly Has Microsoft Contributed?

February 02, 2006 – REAL Pen Computing, Feedback for ME, Well, What Happened on January 6th, I’m Riding on Sunshine, Waa-ooh! I Can’t Promote

January 04, 2006 – Replace Your Boat Anchor, Top 10 Funny Spammer Names, Happy Time of Year, FISH of the Day, Non-Reality-Based Thinking, Tracking the Hegemony, RFID Implants Apparently Creep Out One of Their Proponents, Answers to the You ain’t cultured yet ‘less you can Quiz

December 01, 2005 – Seriously, What’s Google Up To?, New Feature: Top 10 Funny Spammer Names, Get a Human on the Phone, Adults at 50?, So You Think You’re Smart?, Wireless Pioneer Pooh-Poohs Wireless Broadband, Wacky Laptop Tricks, Washington Post Redefinitions 2005, OK, One More FISH – the Effect of Peanut Butter

October 14, 2005 – Why Do We Have Personal Computers?, FISH Wraps Newspaper, I’m Not Above FISHing, Mensa Brain Teasers, Has Your Site Been Cloned?

October 6, 2005 – What’s Google Up To?, Error Breeding Error, Dotcom Bust a Conspiracy?

September 29, 2005 – Mainlining Broadband, You Saw it Here First, VoIP Gathers Momentum, DSL Prices Drop: Competition? You’re Soaking In It, Stupid Name Alert

September 19, 2005 – Success has many fathers; failure has many analysts, BuzzKill, Comedy is Easy. Predicting the Future is Hard, Sweating the Small Stuff, ASP, Where is Thy Sting?, Flash vs. Content, Microsoft Soundbite Security, FindForward Can Spot That Meme, Dear Mr. Interjections R. Slatternly . . ., Forward to Everyone You Know

September 15, 2005 – No Longer Free, Enlightening and Frightening for Half a Decade, Alert SNS Reader Hall of Fame, Support SNS, No Telling How Long This Will Remain True

September 1, 2005 – Bits & Pieces Again, Stop the Credit Card Madness, Cell Phone Do Not Call List Hoax, Don’t Answer the Boss’ Email, You’re Famous!, Verizon Expands Broadband Wireless, Plenty of IT jobs, Production Nanotubes, Indications of the Decline of Western Civilization, Track Sex Offenders Online, Hold On a Sec . . . I Gotta Go Make . . . Some Electricity, Palm a Turncoat?, Nano for Power, US Eclipsed by Third World on Wireless, Spamming Anti-Spammer, Here Come Nano Frankenfoods, Nano Hydrogen for Power, Flogging Vlogs

July 18, 2005 – Bits & Pieces, Human TV, Real Personal Radio, Dated Metaphor Alert, Get the Internet Picture, Really Big Monopoly, A Raid on a Really Big Monopoly, They Doth Protest Too Much, Microsoft Asks Crackers for Help, Tivo Anywhere, Google – It’s Bigger Than All of Us, Quantum Crypto Gets Practical, Money for Old Magazines, Advertising in Your Face, Now That’s Advertising!, Random Bonus Bit: Apropos of Nothing

July 5, 2005 – Just a Random Hoax, Hedwig and the Angry Half Hour, Why Go to Bangalore When Fargo Will Do?, Get Perpendicular, When Public Information Can Hurt

June 28, 2005 – A Different Kind of Outsourcing – Noshoring, I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good, Privacy, Economics, and Price Discrimination on the Internet, Geeks Are Doin’ It For Themselves

June 06, 2005 – You Have No Privacy. Get Over It!, Cat Update, Nanotech Applications

April 27, 2005 – Contribute to SNS or I Will Kill My Cat!, Cyborgs on the Horizon, More Exploitation and Net Begging, Things You Thought You Knew How to Do, Things That Make Your Skin Crawl, Blast From the Past: Style vs. Substance

April 15, 2005 – Yub-a-Nub-Dub, a Mall in the Web, iPod in the Classroom, WiMAX at 100 mph

April 06, 2005 – Something New in IT Market Research – Real Data, The Raw File, Anti-Laser Contact Lenses, Really Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot, Nannycams Gone Wild

December 03, 2004 – The Zeroes at ZeroDegrees, The Raw File, Speaking of Portals

May 03, 2004 – Alert SNS Reader Follow Ups, The Raw File, A Chicken at Your Service, Windows Features Better TCO?, Microsoft Software “More Secure,” According to Microsoft, What’s Google Up To?, Your House is Smarter Than a Vintage Bug, Keeping Evil Wi-Fi Spirits at Bay

March 19, 2004 – Easter Egg in BMW Software, Shameless Self-Promotion Dept., Comment on the CAN-SPAM Act, Vendor Solves Swiss Cheese Humvee Problem, Wal-Mart Already Using RFID

March 15, 2004 – Past Their Expiration Date, Throwing Stones at Windows (programmers), Catch the Bzz, Outside In Wi-Fi, Spammers Fight Back With Porn, Who’s Using Your Wi-Fi? Social Networking the Latest Rage, Older Workers In Demand, Who’s Spying On You?

October 29, 2003 – RFID Gathers Momentum, Windows OS Joke Redux, VoWLAN on PDAs, Spam Filtering Makes Online Newslettering Hell, It Still Makes Me Laugh, Illinois Luddites Single Out Educational Wi-Fi, Believe It Or Not: Kabul Cyber Cafés Flourish

September 08, 2003 – I’m (Still) In Pieces, Bits and Pieces, Windows OS Joke, TW to Drop AOL?, Take This Quiz, Wi-Fi Hotspot Wave Spreading, Wi-Fi Picture Frames, Code Reuse Causes Embarrassment, Single Use Digital Cameras, Free Nanotube White Paper

July 30, 2003 – I’m In Pieces, Bits and Pieces, Bigger Is Better, Adwise, Book Piracy Getting Bigger, Sprint PCS Announces Wi-Fi Service, Wi-Fi to Catch Fixed-Line Broadband by 2008, Out of This World Backup Plan, No Security Like Stupid Security, Spam Filters Are Annoying, Cometa Struggling, Nanalyze This!

July 08, 2003 – The Cheap Revolution, Part 4, Off-Shoring May Not Be As Cheap, Of Course, I Can’t Win, From the “I Told You So” Department

June 18, 2003 – The Cheap Revolution, Part 3, The Last SNS Was Spam, 802.11g Standard Ratified, Computing On Tap Not the Next Big Thing, Wal-Mart Requiring RFID Tags, RFID for Money?

June 10, 2003 – Nothing to Disclaim At This Time, The Wi-Fi BizModel, BT Video Streaming, A Blog on Your Fone, A Musical Blast From the Past, Storage Growth is Phenomenal, You’re All Just a Pack of Cards, Lunar Land Rush, Do We Really Need More Abridgement of Freedom?

June 6 , 2003 – The Cheap Revolution, part 2, Give the Spectrum Away, RIM Forced To Pay Royalties

May 30, 2003 – The Cheap Revolution, The Continuing Saga of FeaturePrice, Charge for Spam, Say Goodbye to Bananas, It Could Come To This, More on Qurb

May 28, 2003 – New Wireless Standard Enhances Security, Bring Out Your Dead (OSes), RFID Takes Another Step, Legal Internet Guide Available, Mac Axes SMS Promotions in UK, Stolen Laptops Call Home, Mini-DMCA Laws Aren’t So Bad

May 22, 2003 – Law Enforcement May Lack Money to Pursue Some Internet Crimes, Young Nano Scientists, The Continuing Saga of FeaturePrice, Pull the Plug on PowerPoint, I Want This Phone

May 13, 2003 – The eBay Suspension Fraud, Qurb Your Enthusiasm! The Business Case for Wireless Access, Taking Hot Pix

May 5, 2003 – You’re Hit! Here Come the Lawsuits!, Another Take On Future Tech, The Traveling Wi-Fi, Yes, Virginia, There Is a Law Against Spam, A Low-Tech, High-Tech Nanofilter

April 30, 2003 – StratVantage Site Moves: A Cautionary Tale, More of Your Freedom Chipped Away, A Technical Solution to the Hacker Problem?

April 21, 2003 – Organizational Security: When People Are Involved, Cell Phones and Post-War Iraq, Wi-Fi in the Sky (With Diamonds), The Traveling Wi-Fi, Benetton to Tag 15 Million Items

March 20, 2003 – Is Wireless Industry Consolidation on the Horizon? The Traveling Wi-Fi, Cisco Acquires Linksys, IBM to Unwire Truckers and Other Cheeseburger Lovers

March 14, 2003 – Nanotechnology and Surfing the Tsunami, The Traveling Wi-Fi, Teleportation Is Real, If You’re a Quantum Bit, Eighty Percent Annoyed at Spam, Sales Taxing the Web

March 06, 2003 – Automated IM Dudes, The Answer to a Question Nobody Asked, Deadly Phones, Gartner Does the 802.11 Numbers, House to Consider $2.1B Nanotechnology Bill

February 28 , 2003 – Falsely Rejected Spam Irks Marketers, StratVantage Possible Takeover Target, Rack Up Another Prediction Win, Be Careful Responding to Job Postings, Good Gilder Questions, Microsoft P2P SDK Beta

February 14 , 2003 – Razor King Cuts RFID Tag Deal, Smart Dust, I Used to Want This Car, The Bleeding Wi-Fi Edge

February 07 , 2003 – I Have This WLAN, ATM Security Conversion, Microsoft Threatened By Open Source, An Internet Image, Fooling AI

January 28, 2003 – I Have This Phone, Simon Delivers An Outage, Parasitic Virus


December 12 , 2002 – Quantum Cryptography Rides the Light, Gateway Gets P2P, But Will It Work at Home?, Don’t Delay Supply Chain Modernization, Yet Another Entertainment Suit, Windows Cheaper Than Linux?, Time Traveler in Trouble

November 11 , 2002 – Outfit cons users into spamming their contacts, Roscitt Gains Points, Phone Pix Not Too Bad, MovieLink Update, Musician Barred From Selling Own Music, NanoVoyeurism, Wireless Mirages, Shout Yahoo to AT&T Subscribers, The Wayback Machine – A Year or Two Ago in SNS, Just the Right Stuff™ bonus

November 08 , 2002 – New Spam Popup Technique, Security Best Practices, Banking and Hacking, Get Your Star Trek Communicator, Security Best Practices

October 29, 2002 – If you deploy it, will they subscribe? Nanotech Aping Nature, Locating WLAN Users, I Want These Devices

October 25, 2002 – Intertainer Sues to Stay Alive, Monet on the Money, FTTH Growth Thoars, P2P Wireless Sniffer, Tech Jobs Fell, The Triumph of Form Over Meaning, Gartner Predicts, Weblogs and Amateur Publishing

October 18, 2002 – True 3G Is Here; The Hinterland Rules, Foreign Cybersquatting, Justice Lost 400 Laptops, BlackBerry Gets Better Connected, Nanotech Bill Introduced

October 2, 2002 – I Want These Phones, War Chalking Update, Cable Companies Threaten to Sue Broadband Subscribers, Put Off Wi-Fi Purchase Till Fall, Wireless Entertainment Center, Dell Entering PDA Market, CEO Chats About eCommerce, The Wayback Machine – A Year or Two Ago in SNS

September 24 , 2002 – Fiber to the Home? It’s Happening, Yet Another Overwrought Jack Valenti Quote, Audiences are built. Communities grow, Really Throw Your Voice, The Wayback Machine – A Year or Two Ago in SNS

September 12 , 2002 – Getting a Rise Out of Nanotechnology, Sports As Broadband Killer App?, The Wayback Machine – A Year Ago in SNS

August 02 , 2002 – The Death of Internet Radio, Just Another Stupid Date Name, Visual Security, Free Firewall, The Wayback Machine – A Year Ago in SNS, Just the Right Stuff™ Samples

July 30, 2002 – Gathering Cruft, Gartner On Wireless Readiness (Update), Funniest User Support Stories, JPEG Patented, Update on the Update, The Wayback Machine – A Year Ago in SNS, Just the Right Stuff™ Samples

July 26, 2002 – If It Seems Too Good To Be True . . ., Threats to Powered-Down Computers, Jargon Alert, Microsoft Gets In the Groove, O2 Releases xda®, New Security Standards Efforts, Gartner On Wireless Readiness, The Wayback Machine – A Year Ago in SNS, Just the Right Stuff™ Samples

July 23, 2002 – Why You Need to Get Hip to HIPAA, Love the Name, The Threat of Spyware, VoWLAN Apparently Patented, Windy City – Connected City, The Email Overload, Roam Where You Want To, Wireless Users Will Upgrade, The Wayback Machine – A Year Ago in SNS, Just the Right Stuff™ Samples

July 19, 2002 – They That Can Give Up Essential Liberty, Global Wireless Network Stats, The Wayback Machine – A Year Ago in SNS, Just the Right Stuff™ Samples

July 16, 2002 – Content is Not King, Love the Name, Pretty Good Text to Speech, Ends Justifying Means, Net Traffic Exceeds Voice Traffic, Cyborg Teeth, Failed BizPlan Archive, The Wayback Machine – A Year Ago in SNS, Just the Right Stuff™ Samples

July 08, 2002 – Mapping Mobile Commerce, Chalk Up Another Network, Free Security Software, CyberInsecurity Act, Just the Right Stuff™ Samples

June 28, 2002 – Microsoft’s Weak Xbox Security, Wireless Predictions, Lindows and Microsoft in Trademark Trouble, Motorola Pitches Canopy

June 20, 2002 – Broadband Content Wars Reader Feedback, Microsoft to Buy Telecom Companies?
Aussies Can Teleport Light, CEOs’ Security Concerns Increased, Earthlink Hungry for Customers, If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em, RIM Sues Good

June 13, 2002 – Broadband Content Wars, Part IV, WorldCom Leaves Wireless Biz, Microsoft Gets into Web Security, IBM’s Teeny Terabytes, DoCoMo No Longer Ichiban, SMC to Bundle Boingo, CEOs to Link in Emergency Network

June 6, 2002 – Broadband Content Wars, Part III, Through the Glass, Darkly, Wireless Waste, Good Competition, Convention on CyberCrime, Hacking the Lights

May 13 , 2002 – Bits & Pieces III, Congress May Delay Spectrum Auction, Jargon Alert: CamelCase, Symbol Gets Mobile Enterprise Telephony Patent, Security First Step, Tele-immersion and Business Communications, Fear the Shredder, Cutting the Cord, Former Software CEO to Join KISS on Farewell Tour, Good is Good Enough, The Out of Work Comics, RIAA Wants You to Pay to Stamp Out Crime, UK Proposes Stiff Penalties for Cell Phone Theft, Flash! You’re Compromised! SETI Phone Home, Outlook Bug du Jour, Fighting Spam

April 30, 2002 – Bits & Pieces II: CyberCrime Stats Available, Turnabout Is Fair Play, Airport Adds Bluetooth, Biometric Passport Bill Passes Senate, European 3G Build-Out To Be Costly, Insecure eCommerce, Wireless Bar Advertising is the Thing, The Attack of the Ads, Fast, Public Wireless Hotspots, Google Denies Service to Some Users, Nanotech Hyperbole

April 25, 2002 – Bits & Pieces: InfoWar in the Middle East, Computer Crash a Classical Gas, Stop the Spam, No Longer Free to Yahoo!, Style vs. Substance, What’s Your 20, Good Buddy? Spafford Speaks, More Trouble for 3G

April 19, 2002 – Microsoft Repurposes My Services, Wired Broadband in the Windy City Wireless Broadband in the Windy City AOL Dumps IE in Favor of Netscape

April 16, 2002 – Broadband In the Sky Wars, Email That Hottie in the Convertible, Scamming Online? Stop Now! GPRS Coming to Minneapolis, Modern Medieval Siege Warfare

April 01, 2002 – Broadband Content Wars, Nano-whippersnappers or Buggy Whip Slayers? I Want This Phone, Monster Server Farm

March 27 , 2002 – Wireless Serendipity, What’s the Deal with Number Searches? Yahoo!/ACNielsen Internet Confidence Index Declines, Spoofed MP3s Pose Danger, Microsoft Readying Converged Phones

March 22 , 2002 – Wireless Mesh Networks: Islands Make the Net, Beta vs. Reality, Virtual Keyboard, Gartner On eBusiness Urgency, I Want This Phone, er PDA, 802.11a Equipment Available, The Shoemaker’s Children, Buzzkill

March 19 , 2002 – Cleaning Out the Old Links, Part 2, Facial Recognition and Other Threats to Privacy, UK ISP Closes After DoS Attack, Walk-up Printing for PDAs, The eBay Scam, Unbreakable” Oracle 9i Broken, More from the FBI Survey, Domain Sellers Busted, Genomics Predictions, Verticalnet Gets Serious, Automated Security Testers, Wireless Email Easily Hacked

March 15 , 2002 – Cleaning Out the Old Links, Face Recognition Not There Yet, Space Nukes Back in Vogue, Pringles Cans a Security Threat? .Net Compiler Security Flaw, The Worm Turns in Napster Case, Fiddling with Napster While CDs Burn, Domain Name Auction, Is the Web Ready for 3D? Bruce Schneier’s Recommendations

March 08 , 2002 – Anti-Microsoft Hyperbole on Security, Sony in P2P Deal, Verizon Launches First US 3G Network

February 28, 2002 – A Bad Year for Security Incidents, International Reach, Microsoft As Security Threat, MessageLabs Says Viruses on the Increase

February 20, 2002 – Handhelds in Health Care, Kmart Supply Chain at Fault, Defacement Tracking Site Owner Steps Aside

February 04, 2002 – The Next Internet? SSPs Bite the Dust, European 3G Operator Relief, New Top Level Domains Go Live, Office XP Hates ZoneAlarm

January 30, 2002 – Just Some Short Ones: Memory Goes 3D, Cute Intel, Faster Wireless, New Jargon – Digital Hubs

January 23, 2002 – Choosing a Cell Phone, All Things Must Pass, Let Me Roll You

January 10, 2002 – You’re Hit. What Next? Thin is In, E Ink in PDAs, More Investment in High Tech Planned, NIPC Warns of Microsoft IE Vulnerabilities, The DOJ is Watching, Know Your Enemy, First IPv6 Network, Sterling on Geeks and Spooks, Global Grid Progress, Nokia and DoCoMo Collaborate on 3G Standard

January 08, 2002 – Software Quality and Cyberterror Threats, Part 4, Wireless Security Fixed, Another Bad Trademark Granted, Spin Doctors


December 19, 2001– Software Quality and Cyberterror Threats, Part 3, Pundit Offers Scorecard, Script Kiddies Behind Goner

December 06, 2001– Software Quality and Cyberterror Threats, Part 2, Unintended Consequences of Search Engines, Another Fixed Wireless Player, Yet Another Fixed Wireless Player, My, How We’ve Grown, Online Exchange Volume is Up, Wireless LAN Productivity, If You Need Phone Word Help

November 28, 2001– Software Quality and Cyberterror Threats, Don’t Believe What You See, Sometimes the Magic Works

November 08, 2001– Quality of Service is in the Eye of the Beholder, Geek Shirt, Roadrunner Won’t Support XP, Stupid Quote Alert, I Want This Phone, Cyberprotests a Threat? A Really Dumb Site, Richochet Rebounds

November 02, 2001– How Many Search Engines Are There? A Foolish Security, Face Recognition Again, Wireless Data and Terrorism, Blinding Flash of the Obvious, Gov Favors Limiting FOIA Disclosure of Computer Attacks

October 30, 2001– Cost of eBusiness Has Dropped, Time to Face Face Recognition Software, Denial of Service Attacks Getting Scary, The Taliban Virus, New Red Hat Linux Release Compromised? Microsoft Blames the Messengers, Power from Space

October 26, 2001– Nanotubes May Be For Real, Sprint Readies Visor Phone Plug-in, Track the Crackers, Securing Wireless LANs, The High Tech Hunt for Bin Laden, Coordinated Cyberattacks Stopped on 9/10/01, Java Phones on the Rise, No Comment, Carbon-Based Computer Memory

October 23, 2001– Security Problems Plague All Operating Systems, Are You Ready for CRM? Wireless Videoconferencing, Life in Prison for Hacking? Record Industry Profiteering, Cracking Attacks on Pace to Double, The Sky Is Falling, A Sound Link

October 16, 2001– Web Services On the Radar Screen, Manufacturers Move to Protect Critical Infrastructures, Microsoft Finally Serious About Security? Spears Hoax, Gartner Says Ditch IIS or Face Risk, Making Copies to Ensure Availability, Too Much Sun? I Want This Phone, Stupid Quote Alert

October 11, 2001– Someone to Watch Over Us, Advertising Has Changed, Toshiba Rolls Out Handheld, First US GPRS Network Expands, Are U Ready 4 a New Buzzword? How Can You Be In Two Places At Once, When You’re Not Anywhere At All? Encryption a Threat? Unsafe At Any Speed?

October 02, 2001– Wireless Almost Usable, Shameless Self-Promotion Dept., Nokia Covering Its Bets, Java on the Phone – Your Desktop Phone, Single Sign-On = Liberty? Too Many Clues, DoCoMo Starts First 3G Service, Sprint Stops Whining; Debuts E911 Phone, Commitment to Make a Difference, Microsoft’s .NET Could Be Virus-Prone

September 27, 2001– National ID Cards As A Solution? Random Web Usage Tip, Expanded Wiretap Authority Analyzed, YAMV (Yet Another Microsoft Virus) Report, Unmanned Aircraft May Be Key, Background Check Business Booming, Nokia and Visa Piloting Dual Chip Mobile Payment Service, Visualization As Decision Support, Inventor of Popular Crypto Program Clarifies

September 21, 2001– Guns On Planes As A Solution? Vigilante Crackers Warned, Cracked

September 18, 2001– Can Freedom and Security Coexist? MS Passport Cracked, Already, Ho hum. Another Microsoft-Caused Catastrophic Virus, Cracker Cracks Islamist Extremist Web Site

September 10, 2001– The Right to Privacy? Briefly Noted: Web Site Liability, Get ‘Em While They’re Young, A Sneaky Way to Increase Wireless Revenue, Signs You Live in the Year 2001, New Times, New Art, Loudcloud Makin’ Some Noise, VoiceXML 2 held up for intellectual property issues, Report from Burning Man

September 4, 2001– Cybersquatting Is Legal – For Some, Briefly Noted: Fighting Back Against Code Red, Insurer Charges Premium for Using Microsoft, and more

August 29, 2001– Wi-Fi not secure, Briefly Noted: face recognition, the dead love Microsoft, and more

August 24, 2001– Fighting Code Red, Briefly Noted: corrections and comments on Microsoft Password, and more

August 21, 2001– Microsoft Passport, Briefly Noted: Palm buys Be, Jargon Watch, and more

August 17, 2001– Wireless P2P gaming, Briefly Noted: PDF virus, The Industry Standard’s demise, and more

August 15, 2001– Congress squeezes ICANN, Briefly Noted: high altitude Net access, E911 delayed, and more

August 10, 2001– Grand Conspiracy, Briefly Noted: test your security, Lords of the Rings, and more

August 08, 2001– IBM Legitimizes P2P, Briefly Noted: stupid software patents, and more

August 06, 2001– Cashless and Your Privacy, Briefly Noted: Metricom folds, and more

August 03, 2001– Blogdex, Briefly Noted: .info domain sunrise, and more

August 01, 2001– Online advertising and branding, Briefly Noted: Nokia 850MHz GSMphone, Microsoft bashing, and more

July 30, 2001– B2B Pace Care, Briefly Noted: more online grocers, cold light, and more

July 26, 2001– Wireless and Cashless, Briefly Noted: auctions rise, invisible copyright infringement, and more

July 23, 2001– Broadband future, Briefly Noted: Stupid email tricks, GPRS phone released in US, and more

July 19, 2001– Legal implications of P2P, Briefly Noted: Toast, more online grocery, and more

July 16, 2001– How not to be an online grocer, Briefly Noted: Wireless stumble, thumb envy, and more

July 12, 2001– Disposable tech, part 2, Briefly Noted: Microsoft does the right thing, and more

July 09, 2001– Disposable phones, Briefly Noted: broadband penetration, 3G problems in Japan, 802.11a, and more

June 26, 2001– How will we find each other’s computers?, Briefly Noted: Moore’s Law still good, manufacturers using trading networks, and more

June 25, 2001– How will we find each other?, Briefly Noted: video phones, digital divide, and more

June 21, 2001– Hyperlinking outlawed?, Briefly Noted: CD-eating fungus, and more

June 12, 2001– Gelernter on user interfaces, Briefly Noted: big number buzz, dotcom deaths, and more

June 07, 2001– BMW Films and bad design, Briefly Noted: NebXML, PTX buzz, and more

June 01, 2001– Scan-Based Trading, Briefly Noted: Net appliances, analog computers, and more

May 21, 2001– Briefly Noted: .biz, wireless, exchanges, home delivery, and more

May 16, 2001– Microsoft’s Not Guilty, Microsoft changes licensing

May 15, 2001– Microsoft’s Big Brother attitude, part 2, briefly noted

May 11, 2001– Microsoft’s Big Brother attitude, briefly noted

May 09, 2001– the accelerating pace of change, briefly noted

May 04, 2001– paper revolution, briefly noted

May 01, 2001– micropayments the NBT?

April 23, 2001– Toffler on the future, new TrendSpot rankings

April 19, 2001– Aussies ban email forwarding, SightSound does movie downloads

April 16, 2001– B2B exchanges lost a billion, ASPs defy prediction

April 11, 2001– confidence in B2B exchanges flows, gratuitious fun

April 09, 2001– confidence in B2B exchanges ebbs, too early for Bluetooth?, StratVantage Stratlets

April 05, 2001 – patent protection weakened, MIT education online

March 19, 2001 – NYSE fines online broker, petabytes are coming

March 08, 2001 – competitive domain names, track airline flights

March 06, 2001 – match head Web server, new domain names delayed

March 05, 2001 – trademarks and domain names, a WAP browser for your PC

March 02, 2001– use your phone number as a Web address, Verisign to give up .net, .org

March 01, 2001 – stupid buzz word alert, wireless portals

February 25, 2001 – you 2 can B a virus writer!, where the money is

February 15, 2001 – sex sells, problems with search engine usage

February 8, 2001– buzz word alert: PTX, SMEs left out in cold

February 6, 2001 – Generation E

January 24, 2001 – Sun/Microsoft settle, those wacky Democrats

January 22, 2001 – new domain names, back 2 basics, revolution in retail

January 18, 2001 – AOL wireless, Web maturing, Ramen worm, wireless white paper


December 13, 2000 – failed search engine, greatest Japanese invention

December 12, 2000 – Aimster, Real Networks iQ, Wireless growth stat fix, Ultraband ultrafast

November 21, 2000 – map the Web, audio ad streaming

November 20, 2000 – freelancer rights, Gartner on wireless, eBusiness waves, UDDI, too big for Big Blue, more XML standards, FTC on B2B, D&B wakes up

November 14, 2000 — cell phones print from Web, UDDI

November 13, 2000 — ASP popular apps, voice is golden, I want this phone

November 10, 2000 — wireless convergence, net appliances, Internet time

November 9, 2000 — ASP reliability, Websites and US election, wireless ads

November 3, 2000 — tech predictions, location-based services

October 31, 2000 — location-based services

October 25, 2000 — eBiz service firms, Cisco and Ariba, Clarus

October 19, 2000 — Website content, new domain suffixes, eMarketplaces and SMEs

September 29, 2000 — bandwidth, smart mouse pad, stupid name alerts

September 28, 2000 — net myths, Oracle, dinosaur exchanges

September 24, 2000  — eCommerce transforming, MS bCentral, city wireless, Ricochet, mCommerce acceptance, B2B communities, business DSL use, FreeMarkets, standards, Tom Peters

September 19, 2000 — reluctant Web, disintermediation, Web marketing, incubators